Laws & Regulations

In almost all cases, you will have to deal with applying for an environmental permit to renovate, expand or build a new building or property. When a permit has been granted, you, as the client, receive permission from a municipality to build or renovate the building. In order to apply for a permit, the municipality in question needs a detailed drawing, so that everyone can see what the future of a building will be. This is not only important for municipalities, but also for the environment. EversPartners has the in-house knowledge to apply for these permits as well and thoroughly as possible. All of this in accordance with your wishes as a client and the wishes of the municipality in which the building is or will be located.

  • Coordination of the application for an environmental permit
  • Drawing work for the application for an environmental permit
  • Building presentation approval track
  • Permit of use

Law & regulations projects

Leisure park Marinapark Leukermeer


Extension of existing leisure park
Albert Heijn in Anklaar

Mariaschool A'dam

From school building to social housing
De Vierhoek Haarlem

Vierhoek Haarlem

Designed by a strip cartoonist
Bos & Lommerweg

Bos & Lommerweg

Renovation of bay windows
Albert Heijn in Anklaar

Albert Heijn in…

Everything ready in time for the grand opening
Engineering van een autowasstraat Heerhugowaard

Modern carwash

From caravan showroom to ultramodern carwash
LA verzendhal tata Steel

Shipping Hall

Solution for maximum logistics capacity
Tristar 2 KLM Digital Studio

KLM Tristar 2

Digital Studio flexible & sustainable design
LA verzendhal tata Steel

New building AH

The most beautiful grocery store of The Netherlands
De Broeckgouw Keetzijde

The Broeckgouw

Architectural & structural engineering
Heineken Experience


Masterplan providing the extra flow capacity


Prepare the construction of shops
Karwei Zwaag

Karwei Zwaag

Restyling of the entrance. From design to execution
Europa Have

Europe Have

Interior design of 3 shops and en homes

Gamma Alkmaar

New construction project Gamma in Alkmaar