Visual inspections

Inspections are necessary to generate data for sound advice based on reality.

We carry out inspections on various areas, among others:

  • Architectural inspections
  • Structural inspections (steel, wood and concrete)
  • Fire safety inspections
  • Building physics inspections
  • Quick scans
  • Pre-recordings (e.g. prior to construction work)
  • Condition measurements
  • Baseline measurements (e.g. multi-annual plans)
  • Second opinion inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Checking dimensioning on location

To carry out these inspections, we use various tools and measuring instruments such as a 3D-laser scanner, drones, Total Station, concrete pressure gauge, steel thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge, endoscope and extensive options to record the images.

Destructive testing

A visual assessment is not sufficient in all cases. If necessary, we recommend a destructive testing.

We carry out the work ourselves or call in the right business contacts.

Reasons to do destructive examination include:

  • Removal of loose parts of concrete
  • Checking the remaining steel thickness
  • Foundation research
  • The architectural construction of different materials

Make inspection holes to measure the construction, among other things.

Inspection projects

Holland Spoor Den Haag

Holland Spoor

Holland Spoor modelling in 3D
Holland Spoor Den Haag

Albert Heijn

Extention of Albert Heijn under the A8 motorway
Appartementen Velsen


Renovation of 81 apartments from 1950

Solar panels

Solar panels calculation & advice
3D-metingen aardbevingsgebied Groningen

3D measurements

3D measurements earthquake area Groningen

The Rijksmuseum

Restoration advice and foundation repair


Prepare the construction of shops
Europa Have

Europe Have

Interior design of 3 shops and en homes
De Zoete Haring - van 2 naar 1

De Zoete Haring

Converting into student residences with a grand café
Stadsgenoot Holendrecht


Upgrading and renovating porche-homes
Scheepsvaartmuseum at night


Inspection as basis for foundation solution