Foundation advice

In many cities in the Netherlands, subsidence and other damage to old houses and buildings have been observed. The cause of this can be different from case to case. A thorough foundation research is often necessary in order to determine the cause, to find a solution and to be able to give good foundation advice.

Foundation research

The same applies to the conversion of existing buildings in which higher loads will occur or where floors are added. In the preparation phase, a foundation research is often carried out. We like to think along with you with a foundation advice, before you spend a lot of money on research. That is why we ask ourselves the following questions before we start drawing up an advice or action plan:

  • What investigations are really needed? Is there any other way to assess the state?
  • Is it wise to carry out research in the first place, or can we already use our common sense to deduce the quality of the foundation?

In the analysis of the foundation, we not only limit ourselves to the legal rules (which are often very strict and unfortunately too often lead to rejection), but we also assess the circumstances, such as the actual behaviour of the researched foundation and that of the building shell above.

Foundation report

We then discuss the resulting report with you and the construction supervision. The literally thousands of foundation repair designs we have made over the past five decades are all unique.

A different optimal solution is always required, depending on, for example, the foundation, the quality of the existing construction, the adjacent buildings and the influence of the work to be carried out.

First, we make a sketch to discuss the principle with the architect, customer and other construction parties. This is actually the most important phase. We then develop a complete design with a drawing and a calculation. In many cases there is damage to the building shell that require foundation repair.

Technical and strategic advice

We give advice for the best renovation, taking into account the circumstances.

For example:

  • Is it wise to carry out building shell repairs prior to a foundation repair, with the risk of new building shell damage?
  • Is there a smart solution available in the architectural floor plan, so that the building shell repair can be carried out in a cheaper way?

Restoration constructors

Many customers who doubt the accuracy of the conclusions of previous foundation studies ask us to look at them again with an expert eye and with the question if it is possible to suggest areas for improvement. Our restoration constructors enjoy examining existing structural plans and assessing whether they are optimal. We do this for neighbours, for lawyers in legal processes and in the event of damage during execution.

We have a wealth of experience, which enables us to give our customers the best advice, both technically and strategically.

We are happy to work with clients and regulators to find the optimal solution, which often does not turn out to be the most difficult or expensive one.

Foundation advice for projects

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