BIM coordination

Where possible, we strive to store the design and calculation data that arise from new construction or renovation in a Building Information Model, a BIM. All the partners involved in the project (the architect, the installer, the builder, the contractor, etc.) do the same with their input data.

Virtual information model

This BIM coordination model provides a source of up-to-date, specific, uniform and reliable data on the object, even before the building has been erected or renovated. And is therefore the virtual counterpart of the actual building. The possibilities with the virtual information model are inexhaustible.

Everything that happens or needs to happen with, on or in the building can be simulated with graphical software and the information model. For example, long-term and other plans for maintenance and management can be drawn up, including the costs. But renovations and alterations can also be visualised and thus be calculated and managed much better.

Beter planning through BIM coordination

The BIM enables better planning, faster visualisation and more powerful management of all possible changes, planned or not. We believe that working with, through and in the BIM is the future for our industry. Information is the basis of everything. We can no longer afford to bear the costs of failure; everything has to be done successfully in one go, with a budget that is realistic and correct in retrospect. The use of the BIM methodology leads to a considerable reduction in errors and costs 

BIM-basis ILS

We work with (open) standards in our projects as much as possible. In order to get the information into the models in an unambiguous and structured way, we use the BIM basis ILS. This ensures that all information is interchangeable and reusable.

Partner BIM basis ILS

BIM coordination projects

TROM - redevelopment of a site in the centre of Hoofddorp


Marktplein square and Dik Tromplein
Spaarndam 2 restoration

Spaarndam 2…

Continuation of a successful collaboration
Het Schip BIM

Het Schip BIM

Lean planning and collaboration
Stadsgenoot Holendrecht


Upgrading and renovating porche-homes