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De Kleine Weelde: 24 Smart Homes in De Kwakel

Project developer Timpaan developed the Smart Home (Smartwoning): affordable, state-of-the-art starter homes. The first smart homes were built in Ursem and contractor Vastbouw is set to start construction on the second group in De Kwakel (municipality of Uithoorn) in late summer 2020. For this project, our role again involves optimising the homes, creating a 3D BIM model, applying for an environmental permit and ensuring the design is construction-ready, structurally and architecturally.

Further enhancing an optimum design

We applied our knowledge from Ursem to develop an optimum design. In Ursem, we had ensured that production and construction site costs were kept to a minimum. This was partly achieved by using prefabricated foundations, floors and roof. We had also opted for stand-alone storage units in order to reduce costs and enable the plots to be subdivided more efficiently

Kleine Weelde slightly different than in Ursem

Our project manager Ard van Walstijn is responsible for the structural design. These homes are based on the same concept as those in Ursem and actually look very similar. “But a different local municipality requires different plot subdivision and a different planning committee insists on a slightly different look and feel. In that respect, it’s still a bespoke project,” says Ard. One of the modifications made to these homes is the wooden façade cladding.

Working in the same team

Our construction plans are currently awaiting approval. The same team is behind this development as in Ursem: the project was commissioned by Timpaan and the contractor is Vastbouw.