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Optimisation of Smartwoning

Social Project Developer Timpaan developed the Smartwoning: affordable and high quality starter homes. An answer to the housing shortage in the Randstad. In May 2019, Vastbouw started building the first Smartwoning in Ursem (North Holland). Our role is to optimise the homes, from the submission of the environmental permit to the creation of the execution design (ED) and the calculation of the constructions.

Keeping homes affordable

Our project leader Ard van Walstijn explains: "The challenge of this project was to optimise the design and to keep the production and construction site costs as low as possible. For example, the foundation, floors and roof are completely prefabricated." We have also disconnected the storage units in order to save costs and to be able to subdivide the land more efficiently.

More Smartwoning in the Randstad

There are more places where the Smartwoning will be built. "Of course, the concept is the same and the houses look largely the same. However, a different municipality means a different subdivision of the land. So as far as that's concerned, it's still custom-made. Just like we do for other customers."