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New building/relocation AH Huissen

In May 2018, a new Albert Heijn store opened at 82 Langestraat in Huissen, on a site that used to be home to a number of other shops, with a retail area of more than 2800 m2, a floor with offices and a parking deck with space for 80 cars. The client is Hans Geveling, franchiser and branch manager, this location became his 15th store. That this is a special project is evidenced by the fact that the shop was voted the most beautiful supermarket in the Netherlands by the supermarket real estate congress.

Environmental and approval permits

The jury called it "clever how this large-scale supermarket fits into the small scale of the city centre". EversPartners knows all about it. We have been involved since 2014 in the complex development of the building, which is built into the body of a dike in the centre of the village of Huissen. This meant that approval was required from both the municipality and the Water Board to obtain the environmental and approval permits for construction and demolition and the amendment of the zoning plan. Thanks in part to our support and the accompanying technical elaboration, the procedure went smoothly.

Project management, structural and architectural engineering drawings

EversPartners was also involved in the construction process, the start of which was delayed by order of the Water Board, in connection with the half-yearly closure of the body of the dike and the ecological environment. We took care of the project management, as well as the structural and architectural engineering drawings, and took care of the site management for the entire project. In this role, we were also involved in the demolition of the existing buildings and preparation of the site for construction.

Archeological traces  

We soon came across archaeological traces that turned out to be very special, especially the remains in cesspools contain a lot of data about how people lived there back in the day, and ammunition from the Second World War. That meant another delay, because experts had to excavate the site layer by layer for months. Despite everything, the client was able to use a beautiful building in 2018, and we are very proud of that!

Maurice Greven – advisor buildregulation at EversPartners

"The complexity of the project and the environment make this assignment a particularly good fit for EversPartners. We are a true specialist in the field of permit applications and the associated regulations. We also provide added value because we can take care of both the structural and the architectural engineering part and we have a lot of specific knowledge and experience in the construction of supermarkets. This allowed us to take measures at an early stage to avoid surprises afterwards."

Hans Geveling


Laws & Regulations Execution   Modelling   Structural Engineering

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