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SAB-Hal Geldermalsen

The power of cooperation

The contractor Jorritsma Bouw asked us to take part in the tender for the new production hall and SAB's office in Geldermalsen

Design versus materials

Our own architect made a beautiful design, in which the materials of SAB (supplier of sandwich panels) in all their forms, colours and application possibilities were shown to their full advantage. In this way, the client can literally show what they had to offer.

3D model

We also did the structural and architectural engineering translation. In close cooperation between the contractor and the various internal departments, the construction was quantified, and everything was put into a 3D model in a short period of time.

Functional & architectural

It's the perfect combination of the functional and the architectural engineering which suits us best. Over the years, we have also gained a great deal of experience in designing production halls, such as for Tata Steel, of which SAB is a part. These were the main reasons why Jorritsma Bouw approached us as a tender partner. SAB was very charmed by the design and the way in which their wishes as a client were translated.

Jitze Koops  

"It was a challenge, but above all a very nice process to work together on a design for a professional client such as SAB in which their own materials were used. After all, it's their business card."

Jorritsma Bouw


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