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Solar panels

Renewable energy on large rooms

A good thing! The Netherlands is becoming more and more sustainable. There is an increasing demand for solar panels on roofs in order to generate sustainable energy. This also means that there is a demand for large areas to install these solar panels on. Think of industrial buildings and buildings that consume a lot of electricity This is precisely where large roof surfaces are available, which are ideal for installing solar panels.

Calculation & advice

Every roof is different and has its own possibilities and preconditions, and this is why tailor-made advice is needed. That is why we provide expert advice, tailored to the specific problem. Our constructors come by for an inspection on location, look at the archive documents and make control calculations. In doing so, we also take into account water accumulation. After all, there is extra weight on the roof, which increases the risk of water accumulation on the roof.


Wateraccumulatie op daken

Advisory report 

We give advice based on the results of the considerations and calculations, about the possibilities of the solar panels on a particular roof and any necessary reinforcements of the existing roof construction.

Albert Heijn


Structural Engineering    Inspections   Modelling

Other inspection projects

Holland Spoor Den Haag

Holland Spoor

Holland Spoor modelling in 3D
Holland Spoor Den Haag

Albert Heijn

Extention of Albert Heijn under the A8 motorway
Appartementen Velsen


Renovation of 81 apartments from 1950
3D-metingen aardbevingsgebied Groningen

3D measurements

3D measurements earthquake area Groningen

The Rijksmuseum

Restoration advice and foundation repair


Prepare the construction of shops
Europa Have

Europe Have

Interior design of 3 shops and en homes
De Zoete Haring - van 2 naar 1

De Zoete Haring

Converting into student residences with a grand café
Stadsgenoot Holendrecht


Upgrading and renovating porche-homes
Scheepsvaartmuseum at night


Inspection as basis for foundation solution