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Czaar Peterstraat foundation repair worked out in BIM

We designed the extensive renovation and foundation repair of the monumental residential block N42 on the Czaar Peterstraat in BIM, commissioned by Eigen Haard. This design has been nominated for the Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs. New construction prize nominees

Renovation of houses  

The residential block located on the Czaar Peterstraat, Lijndenstraat and the Conradstraat has been renovated at a high level and provided with a new residential programme. The original houses were just under 30 m2 in size. By merging and adding storerooms in the attic, a mix of new housing types has been created. In addition, balconies have been added to the rear walls, so that almost all the houses in the new state have their own outdoor space.

Eigen Haard

Amsterdam Centrum


Structural Engineering   Foundation advice   Modelling

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