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Het Schip - BIM

EversPartners was responsible for the structural engineering and BIM coordination of the famous housing complex Het Schip in the Amsterdam Spaarndammer neighbourhood. The building, which was designed by Michel de Klerk and completed in 1921, is one of the best-known examples of the architectural style The Amsterdam School. The BIM coordination by EversPartners played an important role in this.

BIM Protocol & LEAN

The advantages of an open BIM
The basis for a BIM lies in the use of uniform delivery specifications. Under the instructions of EversPartners, the parties therefore made clear agreements about an unambiguous and consistent way of placing and coding the data and drawings in the model. The basis for this was the Eigen Haard BIM protocol, to which we made our contributions via the working group. In addition to integrated design and the consistent use of data, open BIM (Building Information Model) was an important condition for the successful restoration of this national monument. This allowed all parties (the architect, EversPartners as constructor and coordinator, the contractor and the installer) to use their own software and, with the help of an export file, overlay all their drawings and data in a single information system. This made it possible to coordinate the work to be carried out later in the preparatory phase and to prevent any clashes between the walls, floors, construction and installations during the execution. It turned out to be an investment in time that was more than made up for during both the construction preparation and the construction work.

LEAN planning and collaboration

In order to ensure that the entire restoration process runs as smoothly as possible, a LEAN way of planning and working together was chosen. Under our direction, parties worked together in a pleasant and open atmosphere with room for feedback. BIM offers the possibility to view each other's comments in the files. By applying an online program, we were able to filter these, leaving only the comments that were really relevant and needed to be streamlined at a certain stage. This enabled us to significantly reduce the duration of the biweekly BIM meetings.
During one of the LEAN sessions, it also became clear that the building components into which the building was divided were too large. By making these smaller and focusing on the delivery of a small part every week, we were able to accelerate the entire process. We also optimised the joint workflow by adapting it to the pace of the last link in the building process (the installer) and by moderating it at the beginning, during the design process of the architect.

Luc Nelis

"In summary, you can say that all parties benefit from integrated cooperation. Working with BIM and LEAN makes the entire process more efficient. The real added value arises after completion when the contractor has updated the BIM model. The resulting as-built model is a very rich basis for the management and systematic maintenance cycle of a building. At the push of a button, the right type of switch is ordered, or the number of metres of paintwork calculated."

Woningstichting Eigen Haard

Archivolt Architecten

VIAC, Interplan en LBP


BIM coordination   Measurements   Structural Engineering

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