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Stadgenoot renovation of porches, Holendrecht, modifying house entrances

The entrances of about 80 porch houses were in need of an upgrade. More modern and future-proof. The Amsterdam housing corporation Stadgenoot collaborated with an architect and EversPartners to realise the design and constructions.

The architect Rudy Uytenhaak has designed the new entrances in such a way that they are all different: a different shape or a different colour. The new entrances are prefabricated. In order to do this properly, structural calculations and drawings were required.

Structural calculation set out in BIM

Upgrading the entrances and the renovation of the porches required a number of modifications, which our chief structural engineer Sjaak van der Sel calculated and designed. For example, a new pole foundation and the assembly of the entrances. For a number of entrances, it was necessary to calculate and draw a steel structure in order to achieve a breakthrough.

We set out the entrances in BIM and the architect could work with our BIM model. That's how we worked with the same information. This led to very precise pieces that were necessary for the construction.

Peculiarties for Stadgenoot

During this project we encountered that what was on the archive drawings did not correspond to reality. For example, the drawings said that there were no load-bearing walls, but we came across them during the inspection. To ensure that the entrances are safe, we have had to achieve more breakthroughs, supported by steel constructions.

We carried out this project in close cooperation with the architect and Stadgenoot. We were able to process their wishes constructively. Even when the client opted for a different design, we were able to process the changes quickly and constructively. In this way, we have ensured that the construction was not delayed


Rudy Uytenhaak en partners

Amsterdam Holendrecht, Maasdrielhof


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