EP helps with home schooling

Doing Teams meetings, making phone calls, finishing your work and coaching your children with their lessons at the same time? Combining working from home with home schooling is a challenge at best and is becoming increasingly difficult the longer lockdown measures continue. In order to help our employees to juggle all their responsibilities, EversPartners has decided to enlist the services of enthusiastic teaching assistants, childcare workers and trainee teachers.

Work without disruption

After some hard searching on LinkedIn and Facebook, two teaching assistants have now started work. They each help our employees with home schooling for a half-day session or even longer. “They come to people’s homes, enabling our employees to continue their work without disruption, or go to the office,” says Piet Krop, Managing Director of EversPartners. Employees with children in secondary education have also not been forgotten. Using a special strip card, they can buy online tuition as they need it. EversPartners is funding this educational support for employees. Piet Krop: “I’m happy to provide this little bit of help for my staff.”

This additional support for home schooling is proving an excellent solution, both for employees and their children. Mandie Timmer-Paastink (Business Development Manager): “The support offered by Brenda the teacher this morning was super! I was able to work perfectly without distraction.” Construction specialist Ronald de Jong is also extremely enthusiastic: “The kids just loved the help offered by Frederique this morning!”