Client versus adviser

Piet Krop is the managing director of EversPartners, an engineering consultancy firm employing 80 staff in Beverwijk. It is a modern firm that takes a personal and creative approach to dealing with issues in residential and non-residential construction and industry. EversPartners’ clients include major companies such as Tata Steel, KLM and Albert Heijn and numerous property developers.

"For us, business is not about working with companies, but with people. This definitely applies to working with Mark. I’ve known him a long time, since he started his career at Deloitte. I’ve experienced every stage of his career at close hand. Three years ago, he decided to make the move to Alfa. I wasn’t too happy about that. I thought about it for half an hour and then called Mark: ‘Just to let you know, we’re switching to Alfa with you.’ Mark provides the kind of value-added service I like and gives unsolicited advice. Any accountant can draw up your annual accounts, but what I need is someone who also really takes an interest in – and gives me advice on – the way I’m doing business. That’s why I see him more as my adviser than my accountant. We don’t always agree, and that's a good thing. Talking things through keeps you on the ball. I actually need people who tell me: ‘The situation’s not quite like that – you may need to think again.’ In business, it’s important to understand what risks you’re taking, so you can make well-considered decisions.

In recent years, Mark has helped me with several share deals. It was personal business, involving several parties. It’s at times like these that Mark shows his added value. I’m glad I opted for Alfa. It may be big, but it’s made up of small units. If I ask a really complicated question, it gets discussed in Mark and his colleagues’ multidisciplinary team. I then get well-substantiated advice, which I appreciate. In that respect, they have a lot of knowledge and expertise in the company.”

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