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Achieving optimal sustainability with solar panels

We recently combined our expertise in using solar panels to achieve cost-effective sustainability upgrades with Utility Projects and the independent Zoncoalitie platform. Our clients can therefore count on us for the optimum coordination of solar power projects, in terms of advice, technology and construction law. That means a single point of contact for the entire process, from grant application through to management and maintenance. By joining forces in this way, we can offer a real advantage, because installing solar panels on buildings can often prove far more complex than anticipated.

SDE grant support

The process starts with a grant application under the government’s Sustainable Energy Transition Incentive Scheme (SDE), which aims to boost the generation of renewable energy. Property owners who receive this grant have only limited time to complete their solar power project. If it takes too long, the client loses the money and cannot reapply for three years. We make sure that this doesn’t happen!

Installing safe PV panels

Effective preparation prevents problems. This is why we check out the load-bearing capacity of the structure, the connection to the electricity system and the relevant regulations. Based on this, we compile the business case so you know exactly what costs and revenues you can expect from the outset. Of course, we can also advise you on finance for the panels. On completion of the solar power project, clients receive a validated business case, guarantee statements and a maintenance protocol.