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And the winner is… (another EversPartners project!)

The Netherlands’ finest supermarket is in the town of Koog aan de Zaan. And it’s located underneath a viaduct. The refurbished Albert Heijn supermarket reopened in Koog aan de Zaan in early 2019. Actually, it was always open: even during major development work, the store was never closed. What makes this supermarket so special is its location under a viaduct on the A8 motorway. This location has not gone unnoticed: last week, this supermarket was named the Netherlands’ finest supermarket.  

A supermarket with international appeal

The judging panel praised the businesses involved in the work for their outside the box approach in such a very unusual location. According to the judging panel’s report, the redevelopment has resulted in a store with international appeal. Of course, we are justly proud to have contributed to this project.

Project manager Jasper Wiersma: “A great prize for an extraordinary project! Our main challenge was to incorporate the contours of the viaduct in building the structure, without the supermarket becoming attached to the viaduct.”

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Start of 2019

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