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EversPartners marks 40-year milestone!

For forty years, engineering consultancy firm EversPartners has been working for a brighter future with conviction, dedication and success. This is why Back to the Future was the theme for the special anniversary event attended by the company’s clients, employees and associates. The beautiful Sint Jozef church in Velsen-Noord served as the backdrop for three days of festivities.

A look back into the past and a preview to the future

The festivities got off to a flying start on Thursday 26 September with 200 invited guests, including numerous associates, clients and partners. As we enjoyed a wonderful walking dinner and piano music, we took a look back into the past and had a sneak preview of some great future projects and developments. This showcased yet again just how EversPartners excels in complex and challenging development projects, always finding the right solution for every challenge. The celebration proved a great success, and we are proud that we were able to mark this milestone in the company of so many people. This photo report takes a look back at events.

Party for current and former staff and their partners

On Friday evening, current and former staff and their partners had their chance to celebrate. For the disco, Sint Jozef church had been given a ‘Back to the Future’ makeover, complete with the authentic DeLorean from the movie, in which guests had an opportunity pose for Polaroids. The anniversary celebration was a resounding success for both EversPartners and all of the partygoers.

Event for local residents and churchgoers

Late on Friday evening, everything was cleared away in preparation for a final event on Saturday. On Saturday morning, an event was held for local residents and churchgoers. They were treated to coffee and cake and given an opportunity to take another look around this very special church. The morning also brought back nostalgic memories of the church’s past, a fitting tribute to match EversPartners’ 40-year history.

Onwards to a great future!