• Perry-Flagshipstore-Rotterdam

New flagshipstore Perry Rotterdam

The relocation of the Perry on the Lijnbaan to Hoogstraat, in Rotterdam, was an exciting job. Despite the fact that the key handover took place one day before construction started, the 1600 m2 of retail space is being built in the planned 5 weeks’ time.

Project management

We did the project management and this Turnkey project was delivered within budget, on time to a satisfied customer.

Revit & structural calculations  

For this project we modelled the design in Revit, made the necessary structural calculations and did the management. On the 30 June, the shop on the Hoogstraat was festively opened, allowing the sports chain Perry to realise its 3rd Flagship store.

Like the stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht, this store will be designed according to the store concept introduced in 2016. We would like to invite you to watch the opening film.

Project management   Modelling   Structural Engineering