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EversPartners takes a focused path forward

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been working hard to serve our customers even better. This has been done by, among other things, moving the architectural engineering department to Velsen-Noord, where it has an excellent connection with, and adds value to, our residential and non-residential construction departments. In our industry department, the specific knowledge of architectural engineering is a valuable addition.

Building regulations & permits

The specialisms laws & regulations, as well as fire safety have already proved to be an added value for our team. We are going to develop this further in 2019. And with that, we can offer our customers full service based on our extensive knowledge and can provide them with the best possible care.

Retail & Leisure

In addition to the developments in Velsen-Noord, the Retail & Leisure department in Heemstede has undergone a number of changes: a new management board and a new name: “New Armstrong". They will focus on Design, Engineering and Project Management for Retail. Together, we have completed numerous beautiful projects and will certainly continue to do so together in the future.

A beautiful film on the new website shows you the identity and ambition of New Armstrong.

2019 promises to be a fascinating and exciting year for both companies! 

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