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The story of a unique restoration proces

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We have contributed to the thorough renovation and restoration of the Het Schip housing complex in Amsterdam's Spaarndammer neighbourhood. The original building, completed in 1921, is an architectural icon of the Amsterdam School and was designed by Michel de Klerk. The restoration work was carried out between 2015 and 2018 on behalf of Eigen Haard housing corporation. In addition, we have also contributed to the fact that the process has been recorded in the beautiful book ‘Een kunstwerk van baksteen’, A work of art in brick in English, which has been published by Museum Het Schip.

Architectural engineering, restoration & architectural history

The book was written by various specialists in the fields of architectural engineering, restoration and architectural history, all of whom were involved in the restoration of the national monument. Prior to the renovation, they carried out extensive research into materials and colours, masonry, doors, windows and ornaments. With the publication of the book, all the knowledge and information gained during the research was made public to fellow specialists, future renovations and lovers of cultural and architectural history.

Architectural value of Het Schip

In addition to the renovation process that has been extensively mapped out, the cultural-historical and architectural value of 'Het Schip' is also discussed. The book covers the backgrounds of The Amsterdam School, the life and work of architect Michel de Klerk, social housing in Amsterdam, the original construction and the use of Het Schip. This makes the book a worthwhile read, even for laymen.

A work of art in brick. Significance and restoration of Het Schip, Amsterdam. Icon of social housing and architecture, 1919-1921.

Publisher: Museum Het Schip. Authors: amongst others; Cisca van der Leeden, Petra van Diemen, Ramon Pater.

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The book is available in both Dutch and English in the shop of Museum Het Schip, which is located in the residential complex at the Oostzaanstraat 45 in Amsterdam.