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Proven solutions for a current foundation repair problem

Several media recently reported on the study “Sinking houses”. In this report, the Knowledge Centre for Foundation Problems (KCAF) reported that one million houses in the Netherlands were at risk of collapsing as a result of foundation problems due to the low groundwater level, which is the result of the dry summer of 2018. In other words, it is a topical and serious subject that EversPartners has years of experience with. For almost 40 years, we have been carrying out research on foundations, as well as the associated consultancy and engineering work for the necessary repairs. We do this for large clients such as housing associations, but also for private clients.

Step-by-step approach for foundation damage

In order to determine whether or not there is any damage to the foundation and to determine the cause of this damage, our specialists start with a foundation investigation. We measure the sagging and misalignments of the floors and facades using a level hose and visually check the masonry for cracks. In addition, we also carry out archival research. We compare the current state with the original drawings and determine whether the building still meets the municipal requirements.

Organisation independent foundation research

We always work in accordance with the guidelines drawn up by the former F3O (Organisation of Independent Foundation Research), which were included in the KCAF in 2018. These guidelines describe the standardised assessment and methods used to classify existing foundations. Based on this, we will advise the owner of the property with an indication of the current state of the foundation and, if necessary, make a proposal for the work to be carried out in order to repair any damage.

Foundation research and report

If there is any doubt about the strength of the existing foundation, we will carry out an additional investigation. For example, by digging up the foundation, samples can be taken from the wooden piles. Based on the bacteria present in the wooden piles, the future decay can be accurately estimated. We also add these findings to the foundation report.

Once damage to the foundation has been established, we draw up a plan of action for its repair. These are often buildings with a foundation of wooden piles that need to be replaced by new steel piles. After insertion of the piles within the building, encasements are sawn into the masonry of the load-bearing walls. A concrete slab is then poured into the piles and encasements, which forms the new foundation and safely supports the building for the coming decades. If the client has the repair carried out under their own management, we can help with the request for quotations and the selection of contractors.

Specific added value

The fact that EversPartners has experience in all aspects of foundation repair (assessment, measurement, advice and execution, elaboration of the building application and supervision of the actual foundation repair) is the added value of our approach. Even if clients only call on us for, for example, an advisory report in the event of counter-assessment. We understand who is going to work with our advice and what is needed to work out the advice, such as the writing of the specifications, the budget for the structural and construction work, any elaboration in BIM and the data required for the application of the building permit.