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Het Schip wins Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs 2019

On 15 June 2019, the Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs (New Development Prize) was awarded by Maxime Verhagen (Director of Bouwens Nederland) and Laurens Ivens (councilman for Housing in Amsterdam). 5000 people voted and with 22% of the votes, the renovation of Het Schip in the Spaarndammer neighbourhood was the conclusive winner.

Newer than you think, foundations and new materials

A renovation that wins the Nieuwbouwprijs: that is, of course, quite special. Piet Krop, Director of EversPartners: "This project has more new than it seems. The entire foundation is new. With new materials, the complex has been restored to its former state. Of course, we are very proud that Het Schip has won this prize!"

Restored to its original state

Together with the architect Archivolt Architecten and Vastbouw, EversPartners has adapted the building so that it complies with the current regulations and the wishes of Eigen Haard again. "We also involved the residents in the process: we listened to their ideas, informed them about the what, how and why of this project. As a result, the residents are very satisfied and happy in the new homes."

Collaboration with architect and contractor

This was the first project we carried out together with Archivolt Architecten and Vastbouw. Piet says about this collaboration: "The collaboration was the start of a long-term relationship, because in addition to this sustainable project, we have been working with them on several projects since.