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Internship at EversPartners

Between February 2019 and June 2019, I was an intern at EversPartners in Velsen-Noord. I am a 3rd year architecture student at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Haarlem. During this period, we had to do an internship of 100 days. This could be done at a contractor or an architectural firm, but of course also at an engineering or consultancy firm. This is how I ended up at the EversPartners engineering firm.

The internship days have flown by. Yet it still feels like I am standing here for the first time last week with my calculator and normal pencil (meanwhile it all works with the computer and a mechanical pencil). It's weird because I've made so many great memories in one week! I would like to share this with anyone who is interested.

Work as an intern

The company has three different departments: construction, architectural engineering and project support. From the beginning, I was asked what I wanted to do within the company. I thought the constructor’s department would be the most fun, so I asked to do the calculations. First, I got small assignments that didn't have tight deadlines. So I could softly dip my toes in the water. Among other things, I was able to calculate along on a foundation repair in which I was given a new calculation program, AxisVM, a 3D calculation program. Together with a supervisor, I was able to determine what kind of loads would be placed on the new foundation and what kind of reinforcement would be needed in the new floor.

What I learned at EversPartners

For any students interested in doing an internship here: I have learned a lot at this company. I've been put to hard work, so don't expect an easy ride. Because I was put to so much work, I also learned a lot. At EP, they work with calculation software Technosoft and AxisVM. For the enthusiasts, there are also programs such as Mathcad. The drawers here use Revit or (AutoCAD). I worked with all these programs, and I also learnt to work with very practical programs such as Excel and PDF editors (super handy!). But you learn these things at school as well. What I really learnt here is to be part of a company and to reach a good design together.

Nice extras

Still not convinced? Here are some nice extras going on in this office:

- Every Friday snack bar day;

- Every Thursday "Dönerdag" (actually shawarma but Dönerdag sounds more fun);

- Running group with colleagues during the break;

- Company outings;

- Going to the construction site;

- Scoring a (side) job.

Working at EversPartners?

At EversPartners, both interns and other construction professionals are more than welcome. On our vacancy page, you will find all open vacancies. You can send your CV and motivation letter to Nicole Florisse. If you would like more information, please contact Nicole on +31 6 20 65 87 01.