Working in the industrial sector is our passion. We calculate and draw industrial constructions and installations for factories, harbours and industrial buildings. This brings us to unique locations: cocoa and steel factories, cattle feed transhipment areas, cold stores and production halls are just a few examples.

New construction, renovation & consultancy

Sometimes we work on new construction projects and sometimes we renovate existing buildings. We also advise on the long-term maintenance plan (LTMP) based on the TCO perspective. We provide inspections for (fire) safety and maintenance. For this we use modern equipment, such as a drone and a 3D scanner.

Knowledge, experience & innovation

We have a broad portfolio in the industrial sector, so we are confident in saying we are at the forefront of the market in terms of knowledge, experience and innovations. For example, we have been working on new installations to produce steel, calculating and drawing almost all industrial projects in 3D. We have the right specialists for every service in the industrial field.

Other industry projects

LA verzendhal tata Steel

Shipping Hall

Solution for maximum logistics capacity
Tata Steel

Industrie hall

Action plan in Revit

Solar panels

Solar panels calculation & advice
Sonneborn refined products

SAB Hall

The power of cooperation
Tata Steel

Tata Steel

Design, architectural and constructive engineering
9 bruggetjes

9 Bruggetjes

Constructive engineering & environmental permit
Sonneborn refined products


Modernisation down to the last detail


Constructive engineering new cold stores