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Regularly affected by system failures?

Constantly in the process of papering over the cracks? This is something we encounter a lot in industry. It’s hardly surprising when you consider that many buildings, factories, and installations were built in the 1960s and 1970s and are actually due for replacement. But that requires some major decision-making and the right understanding and technological knowledge may well be lacking or choices may be made at the wrong level. Investments in maintenance may not make things look pretty but grinding to a halt is ultimately much more expensive. And continually papering over the cracks has to stop sometime.

Management and maintenance: it calls for a plan

This is why, at EversPartners, we always ask probing questions, determined to get to the bottom of minor issues. We empathise and are good listeners, enabling us to cover the entire life-cycle of a building or installation. We’ll happily tell you where things stand. And how we think things can be improved. Clarity: that’s where we make all the difference. We happily roll up our sleeves and know exactly what we’re doing.

What do we do?

Inspections, maintenance and management of buildings and installations, as well as the new development of factories, plants, and offices. We take care of all of the engineering, draw up the specifications, do the calculations and 3D modelling work for the foundations, structural engineering and construction. We provide the technical solutions but also offer up ideas on locations, production capacity and logistical processes. We also advise on security and sustainability. Industrial sites can often be so much more sustainable.

One-stop shop for all asset management

The dimensions are wrong, and the structural engineer does something different to what was agreed? Finger-pointing during meetings? This may be a standard turn of events, but we don’t see it as normal. As a full-service consultancy, we’re your point of contact for all your asset management, ensuring work activities and models are always coordinated with each other. Perhaps point of contact isn't quite the right term. We prefer to feel part of your team. Together taking on the challenge, setting out objectives, and achieving results. It energises us, helping to build long-term relationships.

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