Housing associations

We take the long-term view. Testing out ideas at strategic level.


Management & maintenance the main cost items

Whether we’re building, renovating, transforming or improving sustainability: it’s not the development, but the management & maintenance that costs the most. Everyone understands this, but we still see far too many examples where it’s neglected in the design phase. At EversPartners, we’re very clear on this. We take the long-term view. Testing out ideas at strategic level. And because we really want to help, we design based on TCO. That’s the only way.

Our engineers are good listeners and make great partners

Not every housing association has all the technical knowledge it needs in-house. We'll happily provide that expertise and craftsmanship. Together with brainpower, engagement, and plenty of experience. Technology offers so many potential solutions that will help to achieve targets and ambitions. While lengthy reports may not be our specialism, we do like to take a broader view on issues and always see opportunities.

It’s all about making smart choices

With BIM, we chart everything in detail. With our drawings and calculations, we build everything virtually. This helps us to guarantee feasibility and prevent the cost of failure, but we also devise scenarios for reducing management costs, extending the lifespan or increasing the likelihood that a project will be let. That ensures that there’s always a choice. Ideally, we collaborate intensively with you, your team and chain partners. In order to achieve great things together.

How can we help you?

Improving the sustainability of housing complexes, meeting demand for housing and making the maintenance of housing stocks manageable? We’ve been demonstrating our added value on the Dutch housing market for the last forty years. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and discuss what we can do for you.

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