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BIM practical day

On 7 December 2017, we gave a lecture together with Valstar Simonis at the Trade Fair in Utrecht on the BIM Practical Day Installation.

AFAS Experience Centre

Subject is the new accommodation of AFAS, software supplier from Leusden, which will be realised in the coming years, at a stone's throw from the current office. The 44,000 m2 complex includes an office area with 750 workplaces, a restaurant with 700 seats, a large atrium and a professional theatre. Underneath the AFAS Experience Centre, as AFAS calls it, there will be a two-storey car park with a separate entrance for theatre visitors.

BIM direction & 3D development

The entire building, including its construction and installations, will be developed in 3D. Just Architects is responsible for the design and Luc Nelis has been in charge of the BIM direction over the entire design process. The so-called bimming has made the design of this spectacular complex possible and has given AFAS, the modelling parties, the various consultants and the end users a lot of insight in advance.

More information about BIM coordination