EversPartners is affiliated with

EversPartners is affiliated with



Since the end of 2018, we are affiliated with ORAM, Amsterdam's largest business network for companies in the business services, logistics, (creative) industry, ICT and port sectors. ORAM is committed to a good business climate in the metropolitan region and is also a trade association for the port. We are a member of ORAM because we think it is important to talk to other market parties about what is going on in the region and what developments and challenges are coming our way. It goes without saying that we share this with our own clients as part of our advice, but also by linking people and companies from our network.

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Telstar Businessclub

Football is about cooperation, performance, team spirit and emotion. That's why we feel right at home at Telstar's business club. We would like to invite you to join us in enjoying a competition of ‘de Witte Leeuwen’.

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BIM basic ILS/BIM desk

The BIM desk supports the BIM implementation in the construction sector in the Netherlands. It is also available for all parties in the construction industry that use the Basic Information Delivery Specification (ILS). Since 2016, EversPartners has been a supporter and active user of the BIM base ILS. Through the structured and unambiguous exchange of information, we contribute to the next step towards integrated cooperation in the chain, and thus to working more efficiently.

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ISO 9001: 2018

ISO 9001 is the ultimate standard for quality control. The requirements in ISO 9001 enable us to better manage and improve our business processes. ISO 9001 is set up in such a way that it pays attention to the entire process of translating customer requirements to the delivered product. EversPartners Industrie BV has been in possession of the ISO-9001 certificate for many years.


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SCC (VCA in Dutch) stands for Safety Certificate for Contractors. The answer to the question "what is SCC" is easy to answer, because SCC was created to increase safety in the workplace. It ensures that both employers and employees are aware of the hazards around them. In addition, a SCC certificate / certification gives a clear indication that a company meets safety requirements and that the employee is aware of the safety regulations.

Why is VCA important?

Being aware of safety on the work floor is important because it can prevent many industrial accidents. An accident at work can be very costly or even cause serious personal injury. EversPartners Industrie BV is aware of relevant safety regulations and we apply these to all our services. This increases our safety awareness and reduces the chance that we will be involved in an accident due to ignorance.

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