About us

Our engineers are our strength

Substantive engineering

In a world that revolves around business models, we provide substantive engineering. We connect technology with process. And bring the disciplines and the right people together. We know what we’re capable of and how important it is to be a good listener. We genuinely want to help. So, we delve deeper, to the question behind the question. We have the confidence to say where the problems lie and to come up with creative and pragmatic solutions.

Giving priority to the key issue, developing scenarios, making choices and then setting to work, together. For us, that’s what it’s all about. We work with dedicated teams for each client. We need and relish that engagement. Ideally, we feel as if we’re part of our client’s team. Achieving results together is simply the best thing in the world.

For us, space is a core value

Not only do we literally devote every day to space, we also give people space and responsibility. That’s what makes us effective. In our business, the ability to act fast matters because grinding to a halt in a process or factory is not an option. We also find the space to be open and honest. Clarity is what matters most. And we also create space to share challenges. Both with each other and with our clients. That’s the basis on which we aim to grow together.

Our Team

With a mixture of talented young people and seasoned professionals, we’re a fantastic team who can literally take on any challenge. We have a flat organisation and an informal culture. Short lines of communication? We think that's self-evident. The door is always open everywhere. Testing out ideas together and devising solutions is what we like best. And celebrating the results, of course.

80 professionals

Combined experience of a thousand years

Forty-year track record

Who we work for

We simply love engineering! Do you love it too?

Comprehensive package of services

With 80 seasoned, enterprising professionals and a comprehensive package of services, we help our clients with their issues in architectural and structural engineering.