TATA Coke and Gas Plant 1

TATA Coke and Gas Plant 1

Demolition and construction of a new cooling tower

EversPartners has become quite a familiar face on the site of the TATA Steel Coke and Gas Plant in Velsen Noord. We are working on a major project involving the installation of gas coolers, aimed at increasing and optimising the production process in the plant. The upgrade calls for civil engineering adaptations and new construction and has been divided into various subsidiary projects. Our involvement includes contributing to the engineering work on the new structures for the new Primary Gas Cooling and Secondary Gas Cooling (PGC and SGC). We also completed one of the other subsidiary projects in February 2021: the demolition and construction of a new cooling tower.

No surprises

Commissioning party TATA green-lit the new larger cooling towers in early 2019. We did the structural engineering for one of the steel structures that was positioned on an existing concrete water basin. We also modelled part of the design in BIM. Project manager Boris de Reuver: “Using BIM enabled us to overlay the models onto each other and check the model for the overall project. This approach makes it possible to resolve any potential bottlenecks in the computer model, preventing unpleasant surprises during construction.”

Added value provided by EversPartners

Boris de Reuver: “The execution of this subsidiary project and coordination with the cooling tower supplier went extremely smoothly. This is partly thanks to good preparation in BIM, but was also due to the fact that we were able to place the steel structure onto existing concrete foundations. If you need to excavate, you often encounter things that don’t appear on the drawing. But even if that does occur, we solve it.”

TATA Steel

Velsen Noord


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