TROM - redevelopment of a site in the centre of Hoofddorp

TROM - redevelopment of a site in the centre of Hoofddorp

On the site of the former V&D and De Deining, in Marktplein square and Dik Tromplein square in Hoofddorp, the developing real estate investor Segesta Groep from Alkmaar has launched the ambitious ‘TROM’ project. The former retail premises have been demolished to make way for a new-build development comprising a combination of 4,000 m2 of retail and hospitality/catering, 136 rental apartments, approx. 300 parking spaces and a roof-top garden. This architectural masterpiece was designed by Liesbeth van der Pol from Dok architecten. EversPartners is responsible for the structural design and BIM advice.

Complex puzzle

The project, now at the end of the definitive design phase, presents an excellent challenge for our structural engineers and modellers. In the structural design, their aim is to achieve an optimum combination of the four main functions: commerce, housing, parking and recreation. It’s quite a complex puzzle. For example, the apartments require numerous partition walls, but the commercial units ideally need to remain as open as possible. At the same time, the maximum number of parking spaces is affected by the number of columns required to support the load of the roof-top garden. 'Our structural advice brings together all of these aspects,' says Jitze Koops, director of EversPartners. In this, collaboration in BIM is essential. The 3D image provides an insight into the maximum available space and reveals any potential bottlenecks. This makes it possible to coordinate everything at an early stage, including with the architect and the building services consultant and internal parties.

Added value provided by EversPartners

Jitze Koops: 'Alongside the structural challenges we face, I’m extremely enthusiastic about our collaboration with Dok Architecten and building services consultant Technion. We’re working on a superb design that will fit perfectly alongside the old church in Marktplein square. A real jewel in the crown for Hoofddorp.'


Dok Architecten



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