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AH Overtoom 21-23, Amsterdam

In early December 2020, the third Albert Heijn supermarket at Overtoom in Amsterdam was opened. This newest branch is located in close proximity to Leidseplein and Vondelpark in a monumental building that was previously a Marqt store. In order to convert it from a Marqt store to a branch of Albert Heijn, repairs were required to the foundations and the building’s owner, AHAM Vastgoed, enlisted the expertise of EversPartners.

They had every reason to choose us. Ever since it was founded, 42 years ago, EversPartners has been working on foundation repairs on buildings in Amsterdam, many of them monuments and listed buildings. We have also been a trusted knowledge partner for supermarket shells for many years and have been working with Albert Heijn since the 1980s. EversPartners can now justifiably call itself a ‘specialist in AH shell buildings’. Fun fact: we were also involved in renovating the two other AH branches on Overtoom and the one in Jan Pieter Heijestraat (a side street off Overtoom).

We were already familiar with the building at number 21-23, because we worked on adaptations to the shell building there for AHAM in the past. This time, we did the structural drawings for the foundation repairs on the rear building and then supervised the work on the foundations. For Stamhuis, Albert Heijn’s partner for the finishing phase, we also did structural drawings for a new goods lift (and associated foundations, in a 3D model), the removal of several walls and repair work on the wooden beam in the front section of the store.

We also arranged the environmental permit for the work and liaised with the conservation authorities (Monumentenzorg) and the City of Amsterdam, because this is a monumental building. Thanks to this, we were able to choose a place for the lift that does not affect the building’s monumental qualities.

Added value provided by EversPartners:

Mark Karlas, Director of EversPartners: “It's always great to work on projects in my home city. I’ve even lived on Overtoom myself, so this was familiar territory in that respect. Refurbishing a monumental building is the perfect project for us. At EversPartners, we have so much knowledge about Amsterdam’s old monuments and listed buildings that I can say with real certainty that we offer a lot of added value. We understand the pitfalls of working on this kind of building and can therefore prevent all kinds of mistakes that are often made. This project also ran smoothly, as we have come to expect, in excellent collaboration with both AHAM and Stamhuis.”

AHAM Vastgoed




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