New building for Afvalzorg

New building for Afvalzorg – Nauerna, Assendelft

On the North Sea Canal, close to Nauerna, there is a large site run by Afvalzorg. This company is an important player in the waste-processing market. As well as being a landfill site, Nauerna is also the location of the Afvalzorg head offices, built on top of a waste dump. Work will shortly start on the construction of an additional office (including storage hall) also on waste dump.

EversPartners has done the structural design for the new building, having been commissioned by the contractor Akerbouw. We worked in a Bouwteam form of contract with Akerbouw, the architect, and Afvalzorg to complete a design that is in line with Afvalzorg's wishes and requirements and within budget.

Designing a building on a waste dump is not something we do every day. The greatest challenge was the foundations: pile-driving through a mountain of waste is simply not an option. The alternative, involving a large land take, does not solve all the issues: because the exact composition of the waste dump is unknown, we do not know where subsidence could still occur. For this reason, the building will be on a concrete platform and the columns will be placed on jacks. The building will be monitored for subsidence on an annual basis and given additional support or readjusted with filler plates as necessary.

Another key factor: the lighter the building, the lower the chance of subsidence. We therefore took account of this in the design, without compromising on comfort. For example, the flooring on the ground floor and first floor uses hollow-core slabs (150 mm). These are light and also good in terms of acoustics and vibrations. From 2022, Afvalzorg will have another comfortable new office building, in which staff can continue their work on the sustainable recycling of raw materials while enjoying a view of the surrounding area.

Added value provided by EversPartners

Jasper Wiersma – Project manager: 'Akerbouw turned to us for this project partly because of our good working relationship in the past. As bouwteam, we built on an existing design and managed to achieve savings without compromising on quality. The fact that all parties were working using 3D models in Revit helped to ensure that the process was rapid and ran smoothly.'



Noordzeekanaal, Assendelft


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