Marinapark Leukermeer

Extension of existing leisure park in Well

EversPartners is currently working on the extension to Marinapark, Limburg's leading holiday park. In a prime location on the banks of Leukermeer lake and at the heart of ‘De Maasduinen’ National Park, work is underway on the development of new holiday homes, apartments and food & beverage facilities. We developed the draft design into the final design and are currently in the process of preparing the planning application. Ultimately, we will be responsible for both the architectural and construction plans.

This new section of the park features an unusually wide range of holiday home types, more or less preventing a series-based approach to the engineering. We are attempting to find smart ways of ensuring that the detailing is as clear as possible, enabling efficient development and construction despite this diversity. The unusual location also presents challenges. Homes directly adjoining the embankment feature a terrace designed to form a bridge over the sloped section. In planning the foundations for the jetties, we need to take account of the water level in the Leukermeer lake, which serves as a buffer for the river Maas.

EversPartners is collaborating with Engineeringssupport on this project. Various modellers have also been involved, covering a range of different disciplines. Despite the time pressure, we are ensuring that the right components can be delivered on time and that this is fully coordinated between the parties.

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