Sustainable living

Six spacious townhouses in Baarn

In leafy Eemnesserweg in Baarn, on the former site of the Hotel De Pauw, six spacious townhouses and a supermarket were completed earlier this year. Ideally suited for working from home, the properties stand out because of their magnificent 1930s appearance and large roof gardens. Commissioned by contractor Vastbouw, EversPartners took complete responsibility for the structural design, from the initial drafts through to the final, construction-ready design.

Energy-neutral housing

Sustainability is a key priority in all De Pauw residential properties. The townhouses were delivered gas-free, fitted with ground heat exchangers and are fully energy-neutral. In each property, the ground heat exchanger is combined with a boiler to deliver hot water. The energy required to operate the ground heat exchanger is supplied by solar panels. The challenge in this project was to incorporate the new-build design within the surrounding buildings already in place. Adapting the fire compartment where the supermarket adjoins the townhouses also involved a lot of work.

Jasper Wiersma explains,

'The fact that we have a good relationship with the contractor Vastbouw combined with our excellent collaboration within the construction team enabled us quickly to share ideas and effectively put them into practice.'


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