Bos & Lommerweg

Renovation of bay windows at Bos en Lommerweg, Amsterdam

AHAM Vastgoed’s property portfolio includes an interesting complex on Bos en Lommerweg in Amsterdam made up of 295 apartments and various retail spaces. The complex features a shared entrance for each section. The project pertained to a section with the following composition: ground-floor restaurant with three floors of residential units above, and on top attic storage space. The bay windows of the residential units were in dire need of constructional maintenance. EversPartners handled the building permit application and produced the engineering calculations and blueprints for the renovations. Heading the project for AHAM Vastgoed was our project coordinator, Jeroen van Velzen, who handled everything from start to finish.

Project support

The project began in August 2019. During the renovation, Jeroen oversaw the performance and was the first point of contact for the contractor on behalf of AHAM. Handover of all three apartments took place in December 2019. The project management consisted of:

  • close contact with residents
  • close contact with contractor
  • consultations/contacts with municipality on changes
  • contact with EP builder

Close contact with residents

The apartments on the first and second floors were occupied, which meant that the tenants had to temporarily leave their homes. This problem was solved by temporarily placing them in another apartment building in the vicinity. During the work, they were kept informed of the progress on ’their’ homes. AHAM took care to keep local residents informed of the work from well before the work started. This kept the nuisance and concerns to a minimum.

Challenges of the renovation

The biggest challenge of this project was that the reality did not always correspond to the situation on the blueprints. This is something that is fairly common with older buildings. In the worst case, this can lead to budget overruns and project delays. But our experience with older buildings and our ability to interface between construction and civil engineering knowledge helped us to deal with all the surprises and resolve the issues fast. Jeroen was the nexus where the questions and the answers came together.

EP’s added value

Jeroen has the knowledge that this project needed, and was the bridge to EP’s office in Beverwijk, which handled things like the construction permit application and the construction blueprints. The short lines between construction management and builder kept the renovation moving fast, even when the reality proved to be very different than the original construction drawings and anticipating was called for.

Jeroen van Velzen

’The knowledge that we are gaining with this project will go straight into the next project for AHAM. That’s how we keep improving our partnership.’



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