Vierhoek Haarlem

A new-build project designed by a strip cartoonist? It’s actually happening in Haarlem.

The new-build project in the centre of Haarlem will be gas-free and feature 42 apartments, six courtyard dwellings and two single-family homes. The construction plan design is the work of strip cartoonist and graphic designer Joost Swarte and architects’ firm HER (Hans van Eeden and Remko van Heummen). Our project manager Ard van Walstijn and his team are working on the structural detailing for the project.

About The Vierhoek Haarlem

HER Architects have joined forces with artist Joost Swarte to create a beautiful new living environment in the heart of Haarlem. Like a jigsaw piece, it will be seamlessly embedded within the existing environment. It will be a diverse place for everyone, reflecting the dynamism of life in a city like Haarlem. The properties within De Vierhoek are located within four blocks and courtyard dwellings. These four blocks form the corners of the construction plan, hence the name De 4hoek (‘four corners’ in Dutch).

Our work

After the summer holiday, excavation work will begin, building the pit where the underground parking and storage area will be. But under Ard's expert stewardship, our team has already been working hard to reach this stage. We developed the structural design – from provisional through to definitive design. We also worked on all the structural drawings required in preparation for the planning application to the local municipality.

Challenge of this project

What makes this project so special is that no corner or wall is identical. This calls for a bespoke approach from all parties and effective collaboration with architects and developing contractor Huib Bakker Bouw (HBB). This plan was preceded by many others, most of which were rejected by planning. The good news is that this extraordinary plan actually made the grade.

Foto's van het resultaat

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