Mariaschool A'dam

Mariaschool Amsterdam from school building to social housing

What used to be the Mariaschool Amsterdam school building is located in Admiraal de Ruyterweg in Amsterdam West. This Roman Catholic boys’ school was founded in 1915 following approval from the Bishop. It was designed by architect P.J. Bekkers, who also designed the adjacent church and parsonage. The building was extended again in 1926.*

Transform vacant municipal real estate

Until 2016, the school building was owned by the City of Amsterdam. At that time, the City Council decided to transform vacant office buildings and municipal real estate in order to create accommodation for refugees who had been granted residence permits. The former school building was seen as a suitable solution and was sold to Rochdale.

From school building to social housing apartments

The aim was to create 30 social housing apartments in the school building. Each individual unit will have a surface area of 24 sq. m. and will be suitable for young people, students and newcomers to the housing market.

Foundations according to the F30 Protocol

Our work started in 2016 when a foundation survey was conducted. This was based on foundation inspections conducted by Fugro. The aim of our inspection was to determine the quality of the existing foundations according to the F30 Protocol. The foundations turned out to be of mediocre quality, because some piles were seriously affected by bacteria. In view of the planned renovation, we recommended carrying out a complete foundation repair.

Structural calculations, from provisional- to definitive design

In 2018, we again became involved in this project: taking responsibility for the structural calculations and drawings to enable Rochdale to apply for its environmental permit.

When the environmental permit was in place, and Rochdale had chosen a contractor to carry out the work, we developed the provisional design for the building’s planning application into the definitive design.

EversPartners' contribution

Our experience in foundation repairs and our flexibility to cope with the surprises emerging during demolition and/or execution ensured that we were just the right partner to take on this work.

* source: Het Nieuwe Instituut



Admiraal de Ruyterweg, Amsterdam

2016 – Foundation survey
2018 – Structural drawings and calculations
2019 – From provisional design to definitive design

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