Albert Heijn in Anklaar shopping centre

Albert Heijn in Anklaar shopping centre

The Albert Heijn supermarket in the new Anklaar shopping centre in Apeldoorn covers 4,000 sq. m. and offers the very latest retail concept: a fresh produce supermarket. But before the store could open, there was a lot of work to be done: all of the technical systems needed to be installed, the building had to meet fire safety standards and all of the pipelines and cabling had to be laid. This all had to comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the requirements set by Albert Heijn.

What did the work involve?

Our aim was to deliver the shell and the structure of the building, in order to enable a new Albert Heijn to be fitted out within the space of one week. This involved careful supervision of the construction process. Our work was based on the Albert Heijn design brief and the relevant laws and regulations. It was our responsibility to apply these requirements in practice and ensure that the building shell fitted the brief.

Everything greenlighted

Our colleague Michael Mier supervised the work, attended meetings and carried out checks. He made any necessary adjustments and kept a record of deviations and changes. He also flagged up any problems and risks, always persevering until a solution was found. Since we had a hard deadline, all of the loose ends needed to be tied up. In other words, everything in the design brief had to be approved.

Our added value

We were successful in delivering the shell and structure of the building. We added value in the following areas:

  • Our broad and in-depth knowledge of construction, installation engineering and laws and regulations;
  • Making Albert Heijn‚Äôs design brief a reality;
  • Specific knowledge of the retail environment in which Albert Heijn operates.  
  • Flagging up risks at an early stage and providing solutions in order to meet the deadline;
  • Supporting the business owner in negotiations with suppliers and other contractors.

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Shopping Centre Anklaar, Apeldoorn


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