Amstel station

Renovation of Amsterdam Amstel station hall

Working on the renovation of a national listed monument is always special. This is why we were so delighted to be approached by our client, the NS (Dutch Railways) Real Estate & Development department, to do the construction engineering for the ticket hall at Amsterdam Amstel station. Designed by architects Van Schelling and Leupen, the original station building dates from 1939. The renovation of this listed station hall involves moving several shops and installing a staircase to the new bicycle storage area. With all the retail unit shells renovated, the station hall will regain its original appeal.

Construction engineering and site supervision

The design for the renovation was in the hands of architects firms Office Winhov and Gottlieb Paludan. After two years spent designing and preparing, construction company Geelronitz Bouwgroep recently began work on the renovation, with EversPartners being responsible for construction engineering and site supervision. The construction work is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2020.

Area redevelopment around Amsterdam Amstel station

The station hall renovation is part of the wider area redevelopment around Amsterdam Amstel station, a project on which the City of Amsterdam, GVB regional transport company and NS have been working since 2015. 

NS (Dutch Railways) Real Estate & Development department


Construction Company
Geelronitz Bouwgroep

Julianaplein, Amsterdam


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