Modern carwash

Engineering a carwash

On the instructions of Loogman Carwash, EversPartners arranged the environmental permit application and took care of the construction and structural engineering for the company’s new carwash in Heerhugowaard.

From caravan showroom to ultramodern carwash

This challenging project had to be accommodated within an existing building, formerly the location of a caravan showroom. Interestingly, we were actually involved in its construction when it was first built.

Engineering with resolving differences

During the engineering work on the project, we faced some specific issues, such as installing the chain conveyor for the 55 m long carwash and resolving differences in height in order to enable vehicles to enter and exit.

Environmental permit application

On the top floor of the building, there are plans for a storage area with box units. The change of function for the building also made the environmental permit application a particular challenge, especially when it came to determining the fire load and optimum fire safety. To the great satisfaction of our client Loogman, we managed all of this on time and within budget. We have also been commissioned for and started work on the internal renovation of the Loogman Carwash in Rotterdam.


For this project, EversPartners collaborated with Mees Ruimte & Milieu (design drawings) and Vestrium (fire advisory report). Contractor Lowik is expected to complete work on the new car wash in Heerhugowaard before Christmas 2019.

Maurice Greven, project leader:

“It was amazing re-purposing this building to create a Loogman Carwash! The fact that we had previously designed and engineered the building for Meijts caravans made it extra special. Our integrated approach ensured that the construction and structural engineering were perfectly coordinated enabling speedy processing of permits and reports.”

Loogman Carwash


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