Perry Amsterdam flagshipstore

In order to exploit all the commercial potential of this location, we have designed a completely new, transparent facade. The facade closely matches the classical rhythm and quality of brick facades as is characteristic for the Kalverstraat but combines this with modern techniques and tight curtain walls.

Perry Amsterdam is located in the Kalverstraat in a striking building from the seventies. On this location, Perry opened as the first Dutch branch of The English & American Warehouse Perry & Co. in 1866. At that time, it was still a department store, and later specialised in sports equipment.

The closed '70s building was thoroughly rebuilt with a completely new glass facade built around the structure. New escalators have been placed in the interior and a skylight has been installed to allow daylight into the shop. A striking eye-catcher is the living plant wall along the escalators. Essential to the formula is the subdivision into sports zones where all products for an activity or sport are included per zone.

Perry Sport interior

Inside, the stairs are replaced by escalators and a large skylight brings lots of light into the shop. The concrete structure forms the backdrop for an entirely new interior concept. Perry Amsterdam becomes the Flagship store for a new Perry. Essential to the formula is the subdivision into sports zones where all products for an activity or sport are included per zone.

The zoning is constructed with flexible steel freestanding racks where mesh panels, wooden shelves and steel hanging rods can be used to divide up each piece of furniture. This offers the Visual Merchandise team optimal freedom to present the collection.

The outdoor feeling of the locations is enhanced by the fact that the structure finish of raw concrete, plastered brick walls and steel beams is not finished, but only sprayed. Eyecatchers such as a living plant wall, industrial shoe dumbwaiter in a transparent shaft and counters and desks with chic finishing materials contribute strongly to the outdoor experience.

Numerous touch screens support the purchasing process with additional information about the range, the products, origin and manufacturing method of products. In addition, shoe dumbwaiters and a wireless communication system are used, so that salespeople can always stay with the customer while the requested product and sizes are sent to the salespeople.

Perry Sport - New formula

In cooperation with Perry Sport, we have developed the new visual identity into an interior that fits in with the customer's world of experience.

The range is divided into sports zones. The furniture is modular in design and offers great flexibility for Visual Merchandising and product lighting. Counters and desks are made of chic materials and with special features such as a living plant wall, the outdoor feeling is strongly incorporated into the interior.

The interior has been worked out in a mock-up, in a formula book and in working drawings for the interior builder. The flagship formula was realised in Amsterdam Kalverstraat and Utrecht Hoog Catharijne. In the summer of 2018, the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam will be added. In addition to the formula for the Flagship stores, we have developed a second formula for the City A and City B stores, which has now been applied in the stores in Leiden and Alkmaar.

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