Heineken Experience

Many visitors versus national monument

The Heineken Experience is one of the top five tourist attractions in Amsterdam. This popularity has resulted in more than 4000 visitors per day.

Design & Build

In order to manage this flow of visitors, we developed a master plan in a Design&Build assignment (in collaboration with Heineken and IJbouw), which provides extra flow capacity in the entrance area, at parts of the tour and at the exit. The entrance hall was enlarged, and the cloakroom was adapted by moving the souvenir shop and store to a new extension. With the freed-up space, the last part of the tour can be adjusted so that this part of the tour arrives directly at the souvenir shop and then goes back to the exit via the cloakroom.

Various breakthroughs were made in order to adapt the route. These breakthroughs have a major impact: the old factory is designed to carry thousands of litres of beer per square metre. Floors and walls consist of often more than a metre-thick concrete, so simple design adjustments are major interventions that need to be well planned and engineered.

BIM coördination

During the execution, the renovations are carried out in short phases without the Experience being closed for a single day. To ensure that these tight deadlines are met, the Experience was scanned and worked out in BIM. With the right engineering and thinking forward about the construction process, it is possible to rebuild with fast sprints.


Amsterdam (North Holland) Stadhouderskade

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