Church Zaandijkerkerk

At the end of 2012, Nunc Architecten was approached by the city renovation department of Zaanstreek about a design in which the church Zaandijkerkerk would be restored to its former glory and could be given a new residential function.

Structural calculations

At the time, we made the structural calculations based on the old and the new state. In doing so, we made use of archive drawings and carried out thorough research on location.

Sketch designs with architect

In close consultation with the architect, we made various sketches, so that the construction was structurally sound and met the wishes of the client.

Historical details

While retaining all the historical details, 11 apartments were built, 2 in the consistory and 9 in the church itself.

Zaandijkerkerk vanuit de lucht

The spatial sensation of the church Zaandijkerkerk is best captured by a visit to the site. A small compilation has been made for those who have not yet been able to do this or for those who are unable to fly. By clicking on the image, we will take you on a flight.

Direction, camera and mounting: Casper van Zeelt, music: Aroy Dee

Nunc Architecten & City renovation department of Zaanstreek


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