The Rottertram

The RotterTram

Rotterdam has gained an attraction with the RotterTram since 28 June 2018. For this purpose, a historic RET tram from 1969 was converted into an exclusive tram restaurant with 44 seats and equipped with modern facilities such as a kitchen and toilet. During a two-and-a-half-hour tour, the tram takes you past the main attractions in Rotterdam, while guests enjoy a delicious four-course dinner. The moving tram restaurant was financed by crowdfunding. Evers Partners was one of the 237 investors who helped owner Suzanne to realise her dream.

Technical construction & 3D scan

Within three months, the historic tram was completely stripped, overhauled and converted into a fully-fledged tram restaurant. Prior to this, we have completely mapped the tram with the help of several 3D scanners. This formed the basis for an accurate design and a custom-made interior design, so that all parts fit exactly during assembly. We also provided the engineering needed to adapt the original use and load to the new use state.

Jitze Koops

"The realisation of this special project can be seen in one of the episodes of the RTL4 programme 'Opdienen of Afserveren'. It also highlights the contribution of EversPartners. From our own scan bus, we show the first results of our scan work."



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