3D measurements

3D measurements earthquake area Groningen

Since March 2017, we have been working on behalf of the Centrum Veilig Wonen on the assessment of the earthquake damage in Groningen. More than 20,000 homes, business premises, farms and churches in Groningen have been reported.

Advice on reinforcement

Together with architectural engineering inspectors, constructors and contractors, our 3D scanners and specialists contribute to expert advice on how to strengthen every object in this enormous project.

The wishes of the resident or owner are central to the approach to each measurement. They indicate when the measurement can take place and we adjust our planning accordingly in a flexible way. Because there are sometimes as many as seven parties involved in a measurement, it is a challenge to coordinate this well.

Inspection with 3D laser scanners

During the inspection, our specialists use several 3D laser scanners to measure all indoor and outdoor areas. Thanks to the unique method of cloud-to-cloud connection, it is possible to connect all the data of the entire object into a virtual copy of the object.
Companies that participate in the measurements, but also the residents themselves, regularly indicate that they are impressed by this approach and the result.

Mark de Graaff 

"As coordinator of the 3D measurements, I'm proud of our team and the effective method we use to get the job done every time, regardless of the type of object. During a day of measuring, we collect no less than 40 million measuring points, which is more than 10 gigabytes of data."

Centrum Veilig Wonen


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