Albert Heijn

Extention of Albert Heijn under the A8 motorway

There have always been plans to expand the Albert Heijn building in Koog aan de Zaan since its completion. When the building on the Verzetstraat was completed in 2006, it was 1400 square metres in size, but from the very beginning there was not enough space for the warehouse. In order to be able to work there safely and pleasantly, the warehouse had to be extended.

Structural engineering & foundation advice

EversPartners was responsible for the structural engineering and implementation of this project. We have also provided foundation advice, for example on the probing. In addition to extra space for the warehouse, the 1200 square metre extension also had to provide space for a new parking space.

BIM project in Revit

We carried out this project during the implementation phase as a BIM project. We have worked with Revit so that the project became very clear due to the 3D engineering. This benefited the difficult shape of the viaduct.

Requirements of Rijkswaterstaat
(Department of waterways and public works)  

A special feature of this renovation was that the building of the Albert Heijn is located under the A8 motorway. For this reason, the client had to comply with the requirements of Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works). For example, we have applied a fire-resistant layer under the motorway. We were not allowed to work on the construction of the viaduct, so the poles of the viaduct are in the shop. Another additional challenge was that the shop had to remain open to customers throughout the renovation. After this expansion, the Albert Heijn will once again meet the demand of the Oud Kaag region in terms of size and facilities.

We are happy to share the film about the redevelopment with you.

Vos Supermarkten

GAJ Architecten, AKORbouw

Koog aan de Zaan

Start of 2019

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