Holland Spoor

New entry to Hollands Spoor station

The National Railway Station Den Haag Hollands Spoor (The Hague Holland’s Rail) is the oldest railway station in The Hague. The municipality had been planning for a long time to give the train station a proper entry. The city has grown considerably since its construction in 1843 and its renewal in 1891. Over the years, Hollands Spoor has been surrounded by office buildings, the Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Megastores. This is why the station has been given a new, important position within the city.

Accessibility adjustments

The modifications were necessary to ensure that the station would also be easily accessible from the rear. The flows of passengers had become the same on both sides by now.

Shopping space, square & parking space 

The entire project is divided into several parts. We did the structural work for the architectural engineering part, namely the new construction of the shops (800 m2), where the roof serves as a parking space for bicycles. K-Dekker Bouw was responsible for the execution of this project.

The foundation is designed as a poured concrete floor on soil-displacing screw piles. The top structure is designed as a steel construction with a hollow-core slab as the roof.

Challenges in 3D design

  • The large overhang in the facade, which had to be designed column-free.
  • Connections to the existing buildings in the area (sheet piling, new passenger tunnel on a steel foundation, the adjacent building The Globe).

The expansion of The Hague Hollands Spoor is a nice multidisciplinary project.
Together with the architect and the installer, we developed this project in 3D in the existing modelled environment.

A nice impression of the complex working environment can be seen in the link below to a film of the placements of the new tunnel.

Impression of the complex working environment

Municipality The Hague

Cooperation partners
Movares (civil-technical), Heijmans (execution), NLArchitecten (architect), B+M (construction supervision), Overdevest Adviseurs (installer)      

The Hague

expected by the end of 2019

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