Olam factory

New cacoa factory hall

Cocoa factory Olam Cocoa in Koog aan de Zaan bought a new installation for which the existing factory had to be expanded. EversPartners was asked to collaborate on a customised enclosure around it. This expansion was realised in cooperation with various disciplines and includes installation, sprinkler, fire, air and E-related activities. Also special is the size of the new hall: narrow (15 x 7 meters), but 37 meters high!

Flexible in engineering

An additional challenge was the wish that the new factory hall and the installation should be operational within 10 months of the order being placed. This meant that, even more so than before, we had to work together flexibly as one team with the client and other engineering parties.

Permits, calculations and drawings

We took care of the environmental permit, including the structural and architectural engineering calculations and drawings. We were responsible for the fire safety of the new hall to be built, with the help of a subcontractor. During construction, we also supported the client in the management. Due to the short preparation time, we also solved cases on the spot during execution. It turned out, among other things, that we could reuse an existing foundation from the 1980s.

Cees van Bodegom

"Because all disciplines started at the same time and with a very tight schedule, we actually needed a year for the engineering alone. I am proud of the fact that all of us succeeded in delivering a beautiful building with a running installation within the required timeframe, and OLAM is very satisfied with it."

Olam Cocoa BV

Koog a/d Zaan

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