KLM Tristar 2

KLM Digital Studio maximum flexibibility

KLM Digital Studio develops digital applications for their own staff and is growing rapidly. Within two years of the previous relocation, the department was already ready for a new building, with sufficient working space for all employees to do their work properly. The choice was made for the Tristar 2 building, and for EversPartners. We provided them with a beautiful combination of construction, technology and interior design.

Project management and execution

In addition to installing the computer floor, installations and data cables, our architect and construction team have set up 70 safe and healthy workstations, as well as 'landing areas' with creative seats, benches and picnic tables where teams can consult each other in an open or partially enclosed space. On the first floor, we built a large bar with coffee furniture and we took care of the interior of the café.

Agile work environment

Because KLM Digital Studio works mostly agile, we installed numerous digital screens for the scrum teams. We also applied whiteboards and cork walls, which put an end to the sticking of huge numbers of post-its and flipchart sheets, as was done in the old building.

Flexible, creative and sustainable design

The main starting point for the design was that it had to be as flexible as possible. Because the teams regularly change their composition, the workstations are set up on a computer floor and the employees can adjust these themselves. The wall screens on the work floor are made into flexible cabinets, so that they can easily be moved as well.

Lisa Mudde

"We realized the project in five months, in which we were creative and sustainable with the budget. So no standard office design, but the use of second-hand system walls, glass doors and furniture from stores. The result is a creative and flexible workspace that complies with all modern techniques and fits in exactly with the character of the client."


Schiphol Centre

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